Date Posted: 08, 2013

Online Marketing Tools

When you think of Online Marketing what do you think of? You may think of Facebook, blogging, SEO, or maybe even a good website. All of these would be correct, along with other online marketing tools working together to help your organization be found. We are going to start a series on Online Marketing, to explain more details of how you can help your company or firm be found online.  Also, a Humatec consultant can help your organization be found online using these different tools. If you think you would be interested in a free Online Analysis we would be more than happy to help you with that.

Here will be the topics covered over the next few weeks.

Business Listings

Google+ local, Bing Places, Yahoo Business with Optimization

Humetec online marketing tools google+

  • Comprehensive Listings and ongoing upkeep/optimization in Business Directories
  • Monitoring and placement of customer reviews throughout listing presence.
  • Localized optimization for enhanced online presence around LOCATION
  • Business Listings works with your website as part of an outside linking strategy to build online presence

How to Develop & Optimize a Business Network Presence on Social Media

  • Linkedin
  • Linkedin Groups
  • Humatec online marketing tools Social Media iconsGoogle +
  • Google+ Communities
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Tools to make posting easier
  • Develop marketing strategy with # tags

How to optimize your existing/new websites for website content for the search engines

  • Keyword density
  • Meta tags, page names and page descriptions
  • Linking Strategies


Humatec online marketing tools Blogging

  • How to Blog
  • Keyword integration with your blog and website
  • Setting up Categories and Tags
  • How people can find your blog with Social Sharing

Newsletters with Constant Contact

  • Designing custom templates
  • Linking with website, social media, and blogs
  • Regular reports detailing ROI with tracking pixels
  • Expanded your standing committees funnel driving increased revenue
  • Professional and custom design, segmentation and cross channel integration
  • Maximize open rates, click-through-rates, and conversions

We hope you enjoy our Online Marketing Journey. If you have questions or interested in a Humatec consultant helping your organization with Online Marketing please call us at 913-261-3500