Date Posted: 05, 2013

Business Listings and Backlinks for Online Marketing

WHY and HOW do you  get your business noticed online?

Through the simple act of updating and creating business listings and backlinks. Business listings and their optimization are an important part of any business’s online profile. Optimization for Google+ Local, Bing Places, Yahoo Local and 100’s of others is crucial for websites to create backlinks as well as help the correct customers find you. We follow Google’s recommendations and guidelines. We can also provide recommendations for several other websites you should check and make sure your business is listed.We recommend utilizing these guidelines and Humetec google+practices with all of your business listings,and making sure your information in all business listings is owned by the same individual and consistent from listing-to-listing. We also encourage you to use the SAME EMAIL account when creating business listings. Use a generic email such as or, in case there is a switch in employment, all listings will not be tied to a certain individual but the company.

What is a “business listing?”

Remember how the “Yellow Pages” phonebooks work? Business listings online work similar to that, they appear on websites that list a directory of local businesses’ contact information. There are many websites designed for business listings, and most of them, like the phone books, list your business for free. Others require payment to be listed, or at least to be called out and highlighted on the webpage. There are generic business listings that cover all different types of businesses. There are also business listings that specific to each industry. Some sites will automatically generate your business listing, if you are an established business, and your company has had the same phone number and address for a extended length of time. When this happens you will need to claim your listing. So always make sure to SEARCH first so you don’t have duplicate listings.

Understanding How Google Works

The most popular and recognized business listing occurs in Google. Google has made many changes over the last few years. Google used to list their business listings through Google Places, now it uses Google+ and Google+ Local.  Because Google is the most widely-used search engine, it’s important to ensure that your business is recognized first and foremost by Google. Google in itself (or any other search engine like Yahoo or Bing) provides a way for people to find information on the web. The way that Google does this is by creating a large, indexed catalog of web pages. Google uses what we call Crawlers its a specialized computer program that looks at every page on the internet in a methodical, automated system. The web crawlers review each page, make a copy of all pages and then add the copied pages to an indexed catalog. When someone uses Google to find information on the internet, Google searches its catalog and then displays a list of links to websites (called search results) that are shown to have the information requested. Based on information the web crawlers found on each page, Google knows what to display when someone does a Google search.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links to your website from other sites on the internet. Having backlinks on many different listings allows Googles crawlers to find your URL (or company website more). So the more business listings you are on the more more backlinks you have! That’s why business listings are so important so that Google (or any search engine) can find and refer your company faster for its searchers.

In our next post, we will show you the correct way to enter a business listing with Google+ and tips for other listings.