Date Posted: 12, 2014

On March 26th in St Charles County located in the state of Kansas, a tower collapsed killing two workers. Earlier in March reported in Massachusetts and one in Harrison County in Oklahoma on Feb 1st, more towers collapsing. But collapsing towers are not the only problem. Falls off towers are occurring more and more regularly. In Coats, North Carolina a man fell of a cell tower, and two men feel in 2013 in Chattanooga.

Why are we hearing about cell tower accidents occurring more and more frequently? When these deaths occur who’s responsible?

Every time you hear about a cellular company upgrading from 3g to 4g this requires workers to go out and make upgrades to the towers. Do the cell companies employ these individuals?  Typically no, they hire contractors in that local area. Most of the towers have not been regulated by OSHA.   The property owners of the towers don’t feel responsible because they didn’t choose who would be working on their tower. Many times these types of cases can be a lengthy process as the finger gets pointed every direction.

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