Biomechanics relates to the analysis of the specialty materials, components and/or devices implanted within the human body. Humatec’s experts use specialty’s in ergonomics and biomechanics help explain how the body reacts the way it does during an accident or when it is victimized.

Humatecs experts also consult with many of the leading companies to make sure that supply chains are ergonomically correct to prevent work comp cases. We have helped with prevention and causation, but also set up guidelines when employees are returning to work.

Biomechanics and Ergonomics can be used to help in settlement with a work comp case as well.

Examples of Cases:

Case History: Vehicular – Minor Impact Soft Tissue – Biomechanics
Expertise Contribution: Humatec has been involved with numerous minor impact soft tissue vehicle collisions analysis to determine whether the alleged injuries were a result of the collision. Humatec performed force analysis and biomechanics to determine the opinions

Case History: Personal Injury – Biomechanics – Closed Head Injury (truck – car)
Expertise Contribution: Case involved a vehicle collision with a truck. The driver sustained a closed head injury. Humatec was engaged to use biomechanics to help determine whether the injuries were a result of the collision.

Case History: Vehicular Injury – Truck/Bus Collision – Product Liability/Personal Injury – Biomechanics
Expertise Contribution: Humatec is the expert on the Biomechanics of the cause of injuries to a bus driver that collided with a jackknifed truck on an interstate during snowing conditions. Humatec is analyzing data to determine the Biomechanics and working with engineers to develop alternative designs that would have reduced or prevented the injuries from occurring.