Mr. Carter has over 40 years of broad experience in Civil and Structural Engineering design issues. Mr. Carter’s previous work includes the Marley Cooling Tower Company from 1965 through 2001. He served in a variety of technical and engineering positions including computer programmer, design engineer, and engineering manager.

Since 2001 Mr. Carter has consulted with clients on many issues involving civil and structural engineering as they relate to residential, commercial and industrial structures. Mr. Carter’s consulting experience includes the analysis and design of single and multi-story structures of wood, steel, fiberglass and concrete, including their foundations. Mr. Carter has designed and consulted on issues involving most major building codes including the California seismic and Level-1 nuclear designs standards. His experience also includes bui.ding evaluations, failure analysis and code compliance certification.

He has authored 2 concrete evaluation and restoration technical papers, both of which have been widely distributed throughout the US.

Related experience includes college instructor, global site engineering assignments, and failure analysis investigations.


  • P.E., Professional Engineer in Missouri, Kansas, California and Ohio
  • M.S., Civil Engineering, Kansas University, 1974
  • B.S., Structural Engineering, Findlay College, 1969
  • Certified by Midwest Concrete Industries Board


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