John Sherman

Senior Consultant


Mr. Sherman’s career spans 40+ years in parachute design, engineering, and development.     A pioneer in the parachute industry, Sherman was first to develop the concept of the hot-knifed single piece container construction, which he later incorporated into the integrated harness/container, the first to hold a single unit certification by the FAA.  Perhaps John Sherman is best known as the creator of the Racer line of harness/container systems. He has designed, built, tested, and manufactured certificated parachute assemblies.  Through research and development Sherman has constantly been involved in the advancement of decelerator technology.  During his career he was awarded a grant to redesign the Mid-Air Refueling “Probe and Drogue” system used by the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Air Force and received a U.S. Patent for this design.

Mr. Sherman is recognized as an innovator in introducing new design concepts, such as the Pull-out pilotchute, anti-line-strip, center- mounted line stows on main and reserve deployment bags, non-compressible cutaway cable housings, Teflon cutaway cables, the anti-float bag and container concept and countless other safety features. Sherman introduced the first truly elliptical sport parachute. He was the first U.S. skydiving competitor to medal in U.S. national competition. Throughout his career Mr. Sherman has developed rules, skydiving techniques and formations for elite, competitive events.

John is a lifetime USPA Member, a USPA rated I/E (AFF & S/L), and pilot with Commercial, Multi Engine & Instrument ratings.


  • Mechanical Engineering, Tennessee Technology University
  • Mechanical Engineering, Boston University
  • Mechanical Engineering, Rockford College
  • Parachute and Decelerator Systems technology, University of Minnesota
  • Parachute and Decelerator Systems technology, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Master Parachute Rigger
  • Licensed Pilot:  Commercial, Multi Engine & Instrument Ratings


  • Parachute Industry Association, founding member
  • Parachute Industry Association Technical Committee Chairman, 3 years
  • USPA lifetime Member
  • USPA rate I/E (AFF & S/L)

* Partial bio; contact Humatec for comprehensive CV