A Certified Public Accountant, Mr. Burgher has more than 50 years experience in accounting and finance. He has an extensive background in mergers and acquisitions, IRC Subchapter C, venture capital and business finance. He is an expert in divorce matters where firm value and related issues are involved, including holder in interest issues. During his career, Mr. Burgher served as managing partner for the famed accountancy firm Arthur Young & Company in Chicago, and as chairman of Marelco Power Systems. Mr. Burgher has specialized experience in aviation with airlines, airports, special aspects of aircraft and contract manufacturing, as well as program accounting and government contract cost accounting. A 10-­year Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association regional representative, Mr. Burgher founded the Flight Freedom Foundation Inc. in 1994 to preserve and protect the general aviation system. He holds 60 world-­class and U.S. national aviation records and was enshrined into the Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame in 1995. Mr. Burgher has authored more than 50 technical and management-­related articles, and given numerous presentations during his career. Mr. Burgher provides expert consulting and litigation support, and has served as an expert witness for plaintiffs and defendants.


  • Certified Public Accountant, Michigan, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Louisiana, North Carolina, District of Columbia
  • Licensed Aircraft and Power Plant Mechanic, Federal Aviation Administration
  • Licensed Commercial Pilot, Federal Aviation Administration
  • Former Designated Airworthiness Representative, Federal Aviation Administration
  • Licensed Marine Captain – 100 Ton, U.S. Coast Guard
  • Holds Several U.S. Patents in the Areas of Electrical (Primarily Magnetics)and Fluids (Gaseous Absorption)
  • FAA-­Certified Supplemental Type Certificates, Electronics and Structural Modifications
  • MBA, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University, 1956
  • AB, Williams College, 1954
  • Courses, Political Science, University of California, Santa Barbara College, 1950 -­ 1952


  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Member
  • Michigan Technological Industry Association, Co-­Founder
  • MICPA, Member
  • American Welding Society, Member
  • American Welding Society, Member
  • American Society for Materials, Member
  • National Aeronautics Association, Member
  • SAE, Member
  • Experimental Aircraft Association, Member
  • American Bonanza Society, Member
  • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Member
  • Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award, Federal Aviation Administration, 2010
  • Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame, 1995
  • Holds 60 aviation records for speed over a recognized course, first to fly an ultralight across the United States

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