Dr. Keller’s vast experience has provided consulting services to commercial, government and industrial clients. His background in engineering and regulations provides experience in regulatory compliance and engineering controls. The range of projects include: emission inventories of industrial facilities, environmental audits, industrial hygiene audits, risk assessment for waste sites remediation and industrial hygiene investigations related directly to employee discomfort.. He has been responsible for monitoring and inventorying emissions for a major chemical company which manufactures pesticides.

Dr. Keller has been responsible for projects which identified airborne chemicals and he determined corrective action. He conducted investigations of the causes of ‘sick building syndrome’ resulting from indoor air pollution, odors and personnel responses. He has developed Health Profiles and studies, toxicological impact studies, and conducted pollutant impact studies. Dr. Keller has conducted Health Profiles, Risk Assessments, contaminate dispersion modeling, health impact statements and public notification procedures for the closure and post-closure of RCRA and CERCLA sites.

Dr. Keller has also provided Health and Safety training, required by OSHA, to over 3,000 individuals since 1987. He has authored and reviewed asbestos removal plans. In addition he has developed seminars concerning indoor air quality, asbestos awareness, and introduction into weapons of mass destruction ( including the types of biological, chemical, and radiology weapons that may be used, sampling techniques, remediation techniques and introduction to preventive engineering to reduce the impact of biological or chemical agent attack.) He has served on corporate emergency response teams.



  • Certified Industrial Hygienist in Comprehensive Practice, American Board of Industrial Hygiene, 1983

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