A Certified Director of Safety and Driver Trainer, Mr. Brown has 35 years of experience in the trucking and motor fleet industry. Through his career, Mr. Brown has served as Safety Supervisor, Vice President, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer. As a consultant, he advises trucking companies, private fleet operators and medium-sized common/contract carriers, as well as Public Service Commissions in Alabama, Georgia and Florida on trucking safety. Mr. Brown has served as litigation consultant for plaintiff and defense, testifying in numerous state and federal courts. He is an expert in fleet operations and management and trucking safety standards and regulations. His expertise also includes analyzing safety and management procedures and programs to help determine fault. Mr. Brown has received various honors for his contribution to the transportation industry, including a special commendation from the governor of Alabama for his work in the Alabama Highway Safety Program. Mr. Brown has conducted Safety Supervisor Seminars and Accident Investigation Seminars and attends annual training in methods and practices by the American Trucking Association, State Trucking Association and National Safety Council. In addition, Mr. Brown served as Instructor for National Safety Council in Defensive Driving Seminars and training.


  • Certified Director of Safety, North American Transportation Management Institute
  • Certified Driver Trainer, North American Transportation Management Institute
  • Certified by the National Committee for Motor Fleet Safety
  • Certificate of Completion, American Trucking Association, Virginia, Alabama
  • Certificate of Completion, Safety Supervisor Seminars, Florida, North Carolina
  • Certificate of Completion, Accident Investigation Seminars, Florida, North Carolina
  • Advanced Education, National and State Trucking Association Training Courses,¬†1973 – Present


  • American Trucking Association, Member
  • National Safety Council, Member
  • Alabama Trucking Association, Associate Member
  • Florida Trucking Association, Associate Member
  • Maryland Trucking Association, Former Member
  • Virginia Trucking Association, Former Member
  • Georgia Motor Truck Association, Former Member
  • Special Commendation for the Alabama Highway Safety Program, Governor of Alabama, State of Alabama, Department of Public Safety, 1967
  • Trucking Executive of the Year, Tennessee Trucking Association, 1979
  • Safety Director of the Year, Alabama Trucking Association, 1976

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