Our experts have over 30 years of experience, and by using their engineering education, training and expertise our experts are better able to evaluate a case (in pre-litigation or litigation), or a product (by design or performance failure) or as expert witnesses on trial.  They are able to dissect the situation, materials and explain causation. We are a  provider of quality, professional services with experts in the areas of  Biomechanics, Ergonomics, Human Factors and Technical Services.

Humatec prides itself on the educational accomplishments, professional achievements and breadth of experience of our consultants. Our credentials, demonstrated expertise, and time-tested, unique approach have resulted in satisfied clients throughout the world. We encourage you to review our credentials and compare them to other firms and individuals who you may be considering.

William N Nelson, MS, MBA
President and Senior Consultant

Back Injury, Baseball Injuries, Bicycles, Biomechanics, Civil Engineering, Closed Head Injury, Commercial Vehicles, Communication Towers, Diving, Dollies / Lifts, Driver Distraction, Driver Performance / Behavior, Equipment Design Failure, Ergonomics, Exercise Equipment, Expert Witness, FELA, Golf Injuries, Hand / Arm / Whole Body Vibration, Hand Tool Design, HCI (Human Computer Interface), Head / Neck Injuries, Heavy Construction Vehicles, Helmets, Hot Air Balloons, Human Factors, Illumination, Industrial Accidents, Ladders / Scaffolds, Lawn & Garden Equipment, Lighting, Litigation Support, Product Development
Daniel E Anderson, CFI
Senior Consultant

Arson investigation, Building Fires, Cause and Origin, Electrical Fires, Expert Witness, Fire / Arson, Fire Codes, Fire Investigation, Industrial Fires, Insurance Loss, Litigation Support
S. Phil Buckley, PE
Senior Consultant

Accident Reconstruction, Automated Multi-function Robotic Cell, Equipment Design, Expert Witness, Human – Robotic Interaction, Litigation Support, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Systems, Product Development, Robotics, Vision Guidance Systems
Don R Carter, PE
Senior Consultant

Building Code Compliance, Cause and Origin Examinations, Civil & Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction Defects, Expert Witness, Failure Analysis, Forensic Engineering, Structural Engineering
Robert Cattanach, SIOR, CCIM
Senior Consultant

Expert Witness, Leasing, Property Management, Property Sales, Real Estate
Mark A Heidebrecht, MSE, ACSM, CEA
Senior Consultant

Accident Investigation & Analysis, Accident Prevention, Accident Reconstruction, ADA Accommodation, Appliance Safety, Back Injury, Baseball Injuries, Bicycles, Biomechanics, Car Seats, Closed Head Injury, Commercial Vehicles, Consumer Products, CTD (Cumulative Trauma Disorders), CTS (Carpel Tunnel Syndrome), Diving, Dollies / Lifts, Driver Distraction, Driver Performance / Behavior, Equipment Design Failure, Ergonomics, Exercise Equipment, Expert Witness, FELA, Functional Capacity, Golf Injuries, Hand / Arm / Whole Body Vibration, Hand Tool Design, HCI (Human Computer Interface), Head / Neck Injuries, Heavy Construction Vehicles, Helmets, Human Factors, Illumination, Industrial Accidents, Litigation Support, Physiology, Product Development
Ralph M Keller, PHD
Senior Consultant

Air Pollution, Asbestos, Asbestos Abatement, CERCLA and RCRA Remediation, Chemical Fires, Chemical Safety, Environmental, Environmental Assessments, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Regulatory Compliance, Environmental Testing, EPA, Expert Witness, Hazardous Material Management, Indoor Air Quality, Industrial Hygiene, Litigation Support
Quarterman Lee, PE
Senior Consultant

Accident Prevention, ADA Accommodation, Cellular Manufacturing, Computer Simulation, Crises Management, Equipment Design, Expert Witness, Facilities Planning, Facility Layout, Industrial Accidents, Industrial Design, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Safety, Lighting, Litigation Support, Safety, Training
Ronald L Shaffer
Senior Consultant

Architect, Architectural Design Standards, Building Design, Building Systems Failure, Community Standards, Construction Standards, Contract Documents, Expert Witness, Glass, Illumination, Lighting, Traffic Circulation / Parking
Mahendra 'Kumar' Sheth, PE
Senior Consultant

Building Hazard Analysis, Electrical Fire, Expert Witness, Failure Analysis, Fire Codes, Fire Suppression Systems, Industrial Fires, Litigation Support
Paul S Sullivan, MS, MBA
Senior Consultant

Chemical Safety, Chemistry / Organic Chemistry, Expert Witness, Fine Chemicals, Medical Devices
Jim Wellman
Senior Consultant

Expert Witness, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Hygiene
Robert Zarracina, PE
Senior Consultant

Commercial Uses of UAVs, Compliance, Consumer Uses of UAVs, Drones, FAA Regulations, Flight Worthiness, Safe Flight Operations, UAV/UAS, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Systems
Reed A. Ayers, Phd
Senior Consultant

Artificial Joint Design, Biomaterials, Implants, Metallurgical Testing, Metallurgy
Richard Beaubien, PE, PTOE
Senior Consultant

Auto Accident, Bus / Truck Collisions, Civil Engineering, Drones, Highway Engineering & Design, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Traffic Engineering, Traffic Incident Management, Traffic Signaling/Signing/Control, Transportation Planning
Robert Nelson
Senior Consultant

Coatings, Corrosion, Sealants
David McCormick
Senior Consultant

Appliance Design, Car Seats, Consumer Products, Ergonomics, Hand Tool Design, Industrial Design, Industrial Engineering, Ladders / Scaffolds, Lawn & Garden Equipment, Manufacturability, Product Design, Product Design and Failure, Product Development, Product Failure, Toy Design
Jerry Lickteig
Senior Consultant

Accident Investigation & Analysis, Accident Prevention, ADA Accommodation, Air Pollution, Air Sampling, Appliance Safety, Asbestos, Asbestos Abatement, Building, Construction Safety, Dollies / Lifts, Emergency Response, Environmental, Environmental Assessments, Environmental Regulatory Compliance, Environmental Testing, Equipment Design Failure, FELA, Forklift Safety, Guarding, Hand / Arm / Whole Body Vibration, Hand Tool Design, Hazardous Materials, Hearing, Heavy Construction Vehicles, Indoor Air Quality, Industrial Accidents, Industrial Hygiene, Industrial Safety, Lead Abatement, Occupational Safety, Sounds/Noise Exposure
Chris Korinek, PE
Senior Consultant

Construction Standards, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Fire, Electrical Fires, Electrical Shock, Electrical Wire Connectors, Fire Investigation, Fireplace investigation, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI), Lighting, Mechanical Failure Analysis, Vehicular Fires
Don Bergeron
Senior Consultant

Bus Routing & Planning, Bus Routing and Capacity, Bus Transportation, Logistics, Para-Transit Bus Routing, School District Boundaries, School Transportation, Student Transportation
Paul Worsey, Phd
Senior Consultant

Demolition of Buildings and Structures, Drilling & Blasting, Explosions, Explosives, Manufacture of New Explosives, Mining, Surveying, Underground Mining Methods
Tim Gill, Phd
Senior Consultant

Arc Cutting, Codes and Regulations, Regulations, Safety, Thermal Cutting, Weld Inspection, Welding, Welding Education/Instructor, Welding Standards
Jennifer Bieberdorf
Senior Consultant

Correctional Healthcare, Forensic Nurse Case Examining, Forensic Nursing, Health Clinic Compliance, Legal Nurse Analyst, Medical Case Management, Medical Forensics, Medical Literature Review, Medical Records, Nursing Assessments, Patient Education
Susan Blaser

HAZCOM, Journeyman Lineman Practices, Line Crew, Lockout/Tag Out, Pole Climbing, PPE, Safety Programs, Utility Power Pole Safety Training, Utility Power Poles Safety
Henry (Hank) Chamberlain
Senior Consultant

Appliance Safety, Architectural Design Standards, Architectural Glass, Automotive Glass, Fractography, Glass, Glass Testing, Plate Glass, Tempered Glass
David Heldenbrand, PE
Senior Consultant

Appliance Malfunction, Appliance Safety, Cause and Origin, Chemical Safety, Explosions, Flammable Liquids and Gases, Fuel Gas Systems, Natural Gas Systems
Jay Ziegler
Senior Consultant

Batching/Blending/Transferring, Chillers, CIP Clean-In-Place, Cooling Systems, Food and Beverage Processing Equipment, Food Processing, Industrial Refrigeration Systems, Pumps/Valves, Refrigeration Systems
Mark Curtis, BS
Senior Consultant

Ammonia Refrigeration Systems, Building, Leak Detection Systems, Plumbing Codes and Regulations, Plumbing Mechanical Code, Refrigeration Load
Ken Conrad, P.E., M.S.
Senior Consultant

Antennae Structures, Building Demolitions and Accidents, Commercial, Construction Standards, Education, Government, Healthcare, Industrial, New Construction, Renovations and Restoration, Residential and Hospitality Structures, Sports Facilities, Structural Engineering
Jim Lammers
Senior Consultant

3D Animation, Animated Presentations and Production, Computer Simulation, Forensic Animation, Trial Exhibits, Visual Effects
Jim Esriche
Senior Consultant

Consumer Insight Project Design, Focus Groups, Management & Analysis, Qualitative Market Research
Louis Fow, BS
Senior Consultant

Fiberglass, Helmets, Industrial Recycling, Injection molding, Plastics, Plastics process, Process management, Profile extrusion, Thermoforming, Thermoplastics
Tony Brace, MS, CPE
Senior Consultant

3DSSPP, Anthopometry, Anthropometry, Back Injury, Baseball Injuries, CTD (Cumulative Trauma Disorders), CTS (Carpel Tunnel Syndrome), Ergonomics, Hand / Arm / Whole Body Vibration, HCI (Human Computer Interface), Head / Neck Injuries, Human Factors, Human Factors Engineering, Illumination, Industrial Accidents, Industrial Ergonomics, Industrial Safety, Lighting, Musculoskeletal Injuries, Office Ergonomics, Workers’ Comp
Jennifer L. Johnson, MSN, BSN, RN, APRN, WHNP-BC, CFN, SANE-A, SANE-P
Senior Consultant

Forensic Assessment, Forensic Engineering, Legal Nurse, Medical Forensics, Nurse Practitioner Practices
James Kliebenstein, Phd.
Senior Consultant

Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Technology Impact, Farm Business Valuation, Farm Management Practice, Farm Product Safety Management, Farm Production Analysis
Lawrence (Larry) Hinckley
Senior Consultant

Industrial Cleaning, Power Washer Equipment Maintenance and Operations, Power Washer Training, Power Washing Equipment Design
Mark Dawson, B.S.E., P.E.
Senior Consultant

Alternative Energy, Geothermal Heating Systems, Hydroelectric Energy, Solar Power, Wind Turbines
Robert Gerchen
Senior Consultant

Case Focus Groups, Early Case Evaluation Focus Groups, Jury Selection, Mediation Support, Mock Trials, Voir Dire Development, Witness Preparation
Thomas Berry, PE
Senior Consultant

Construction Equipment, Mechanical Engineering
Barbara Kinzig, Ph.D.
Senior Consultant

Adhesives, Lubricants, Metals, Plastics Engineering, Polymers

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