Our Mission is Your Mission – Solutions to Your Problems

OUR MISSION: Be the premier provider of quality, professional services in the areas of Biomechanics, Ergonomics, Human Factors and Expert Technical Services which result in practical, real world solutions for people and technology and which are unique to each client’s needs. The Humatec difference means that we have unique credentials, qualifications and experiences which allow us to provide the level of expertise our clients need whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, service provider, medical institution, attorney or even an Olympic athlete.

We accomplish our goals by integrating these strategic components

  • Uniquely qualified Experts
  • Specialized Professional Services
  • Quality of our work
  • Cost Effectiveness of our services
  • Timeliness in completing our projects
  • Results of implementing our recommendations
  • Value to our clients
  • Total Customer Satisfaction

The Human Factor

Solutions for People and Technology ™

While all this sounds very technical, one of Humatec’s strengths is our people- oriented approach to people and technology issues. We will work closely with your in-house staff and complement their skills and expertise. We focus on developing relationships with our clients rather than just being project focused. We can involve your entire organization, if needed, through direct participation and communication. Humatec also incorporates thorough employee and management training, so that your employees will continue the improvements long after the initial results have been achieved.Using Humatec’s proprietary techniques, we can produce the same results for you that many others have enjoyed. We use the most current research, government regulations, standards and guidelines. And, we believe that ‘The Best Technology is Still the Human Mind.’ ™

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