Leader in Technical and Engineering Consulting Services

Consulting Services are targeted to those clients who desire to tap into our technical expertise as it relates to strategic management issues, injury prevention management (IPM), training, safety plans, return-to-work issues, sports performance optimization, Humatec Sports consulting servicesproductivity, quality and regulatory issues or engineering and technical issues. Our services are results oriented with the end product being implemented solutions which help our clients achieve their goals.

Our consultants have superior credentials with, on average, over 20 years’ experience each and who can offer a professional process:

Needs Assessment is the first step of our consultant’s role in helping our clients. We want to understand your corporate objectives and culture. We want to clearly identify problem areas in order to focus our efforts in designing the solution which results in higher performance and greater profits for your company. We want to understand, upfront, how our services will affect your employees and your end product or service.

Project Analysis is performed comprehensively at micro and macro levels. This involves studying the task level to the operation level, from the human perspective to the technical aspect. Observations and evaluations are made spanning from management style to applied technologies. Personal interviews, real-time measurements, sample gathering and evaluations, statistical methods, risk assessments, walk-through site inspections, compliance assessments, job requirements, equipment evaluation, and even a human factors survey are just some of the diagnostic tools we may use in identifying the core project before we delve into the solutions phase of the project.

Customized Solutions are designed for each client. The preferred solution is based upon client goals, both financial and technical. After we have completed feasibility analysis, we recommend solutions which reflect a blending of the human aspect with the technical aspect in order to obtain maximum results for our clients. As part of this solution we can assist in developing timelines, recommending outsourcing, and assist in procurement of prototypes as need be.

Humatec Consulting ServicesTraining Programs are developed to implement the solution so that management and employees are aware of progressive changes to the business process or culture and to help them understand their roles in making it happen. Training materials are included to support the solutions; customized materials might also be recommended for specific applications.

Implementation Plans are developed and include success evaluation. Timelines, training, resources and follow up measures of success are included in the solution so that maximum benefit is gained for your company.