Humatec providing Expert Witness work Nationwide

Humatec’s forensic engineer experts have been providing expert witness work and litigation support nationwide including Alaska and Hawaii, we have a very extensive experience in a wide array of litigation matters.  If you have instances where the Trial Attorneys are looking for previous case experience, more often than not, Humatec has already performed support for similar issues.

Our expertExpert Witness witness services include research, pre-litigation support, reports, depositions, expert witness trial experience, exhibit preparation, accident reconstructioncomputer simulation and animation as well as technical support.

Humatec is one of the most extensively staffed forensic engineering consulting firms nationwide to provide the legal community with expert witness support and expert consulting. Our distinct advantage is that all expertise is on-staff; meaning searching for cross-disciplinary experts isn’t necessary and the experts understand the fully integrated approach Humatec brings to the table. 20+ fully credentialed technical experts average 25-30 years of true industrial experience, with the firm having over 400+ years of technical expertise to call on.

  • We are particularly experienced in Personal Injury, Product Liability, Work-site Injuries, and Vehicular Collisions, Premise and Environmental, as well as unique complex cases where more than one expert may be needed.  Plus we are the most experienced technical firm in the Midwest.
  • Our multi-disciplined collaborative process ensures that any opinions that we render have been rigorously reviewed in house first.
  • We also understand that the expert technical services we provide must be cost effective to the overall case value.  Our unique litigation C.A.S.E. process ensures that you get quality results, on time and within budget.
  • In addition, if we do not have the expertise in-house, Humatec’s Associate Expert Network most likely will.
  • Humatec has state-of-the-art animation capabilities for courtroom exhibits.
  • Humatec has provided expert witness testimony and consultative litigation support throughout the Midwest, North Central, West and South Central regions of the United States in Municipal, State and Federal courts. Support has been provided for both defense and plaintiff attorneys.
  • Our Forensic Engineering Experts have done expert witness work on cases for ergonomics, human factors, biomechanics, arson/fire, civil and structural engineering, and accident reconstruction

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