Projects in our product development area may be a result of consulting services or may be initiated directly by a client wishing to develop a new product. Products Humatec has developed range from medical to consumer; injury prevention to productivity; performance maximization to equipment redesign; from NASA to airline product needs; from industrial products to retail products. Humatec services may include all phases of the product development cycle:

Focus Groups are conducted initially for clarity of the need for the new product. This may be with technical experts, employees, consumers, etc. This involves talking with the potential user of the new product in order to help define their needs, interest and potential level of use.

Target Market analysis is developed so that our clients may focus the design and development of their product with the end user’s need in mind; this phase relates directly to the potential sales, productivity or performance maximization goals our clients have set.

Product Definition is a phase which provides a focus for our engineers and product development staff in the ideation process. Clearly identified purpose, function and success measures are established during this phase.

Competitive Analysis is conducted in order to determine product potential, patent issues and product advantages in its features and benefits. Strengths and weaknesses of the product strategy are defined in this important phase.

Prototype Development is often required prior to final design. Specifications, ergonomic design accuracy, function and technical standards required are all assessed during this phase of product development. Humatec oversees the construction and approval of the prototype prior to production beginning.

Patent Research may be required to prevent any infringements are protect clients’ proprietary interests in the product.

Financial Analysis is provided relative to the prototype and production costs of the new product.

Manufacturing Assistance is sometimes requested by our clients. Humatec can assist in sourcing and procurement as the need arises